Hello dear colleague...

Publishing our research/technical papers in traditional refereed magazines if a pain in the butt, and also expensive. On the other hand, we can load them in a variety of new platforms, such as Academia, Research Gate, and many others, but again, none of them are centered on Geosciences alone.

We wanted to create this website, as part of our set of Geosciences Platforms, to try to bring together research/professional papers on topics related to Geosciences.

The idea is that of a platform where geoscientists can share their publications, and in this way, create a good quality and open library.

As with any new idea, it will take a lot of work and time to grow and become useful to many of us... but we have to get started.

So please, if you have a paper you want to share with our fellow geoscientists, let us know.  If it has never been published, we will provide peer reviewers, to certify that the material complies with scientific criteria. In any case, the papers will be open to general comments from the readers, hoping for a scientific type of discussion.

Authors must obey any copyrights imposed on their publications, and if needed, they must provide a version free from third party copyrights.

Go to Author's Guidelines and send us your paper.


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